This Online Quran Academy is currently offering two trial tajweed sessions, absolutely free, to let the student come to know about our teaching style and other procedural methods.

A broad panel of learned and experienced teachers from Egypt are available, who can easily converse in different official languages to facilitate the students in seeking Quran knowledge from worldwide.

An option of male and female teachers is also available. There can be one to one learning program or a class of two or more students. The days of classes, its numbers and time, all are opted and adjusted following the student’s ease.

Along with an intensive Tajweed-ul-Quran course, Hifz-ul-Quran course is also being offered. Our sample videos are available on our Youtube channel from where one can listen to our recitation and can have an idea of about how we conduct our classes.

We offer two trial sessions at no cost to help you decide if you would like to learn with us.

We have carefully selected high-class and professional teachers of Qur’an. Our teachers are proficient recitors to encourage students to recite well and to maintain their interest. Our experience with students enables us to determine the fastest and most effective teaching methods that, Allah willing, make them achieve the best results in memorization of the holy Quran within the shortest possible period of time.

Feel free to check one of the videos on our channel which will help you decide if we can be your companions on this beautiful journey.

Sheikh Mustafa Abd Elaziz

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